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The Deed is Done (and in the bank's name)


The complex constellation of loan, insurance, mooring, and will converged today and I am now indentured as s/v Ripple's most recentcustodian.  I'll take her over to her new Lake Union berth on Westlake sometime in the coming days, but before leaving the Center for Wooden Boats, I popped down to check her bilges.  The full boat cover is doing its duty... the interior, bilges and air, were bone dry.  Comforting.

I've started to think about tenders.  An inflatable would be practical, relatively inexpensive, relatively easy to store and... well... wholly out of character.  Why not an Atkin-design tender to compliment Ripple's classic beauty?  Handy Andy seems just right.  I bet I can do that....