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Ripple and the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Ripple has been accepted into the 34th Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, September 10-12, 2010.
Motivation to get the brightwork into shape!  She was in the festival at least once before ('07).

Sunday Gunkholing

I spent the day on Ripple on Sunday... first outing in some weeks, as travel schedules consipired to keep me busy elsewhere.  Ripple had no water in the bilges at all, and this after several weeks of disuse.  She's tight and dry.

The day was beautiful, a slight overburden of thin clouds mitigated glare and kept the sun manageable, and the mid-sixties temperatures made for a  pleasant time on the water.
After gunkholing about Lake Union, I headed for Lake Washington, and motored down to Seward Park, south of the I-90 bridge.  There were no breezes to speak of, but the Yanmar cranked right up and ran like a top the day long.