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Book Review(s): "Chichakoes" and "This Raw Land" by Wayne Short.

Two years ago I was in Baranof Hot Springs, my favorite place on the entire Alaskan journey.  The hot springs are perfect, and there are even baths in a bathhouse just up from the dock.  I visited the place three times, with a different crew member each time.  Leaving southward after the third visit, Sam and I transited Chatham Strait and spent the remainder of the day in Frederick Sound before anchoring in Goose Cove, an indentation of Kuiu Island. At no time that day were we out of sight of whale spouts or tails, and late in the day we observed what I can only imagine was mating in the sheltered waters just northwest of Keku Strait.  The whale's vocalization at the end was like an alpenhorn close up.

Recently a friend lent me two paperback books, their deteriorating bindings and yellow paper signaling decades of use and slow oxidation characteristic of acid paper.  They are memoirs of Wayne Short, who moved to the area just after World War II, and later finds his wife in San Fr…