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Weekend Idyls

Spent a good deal of Saturday and Sunday on Lakes Union and Washington.  Too much  wind to sail on Saturday, too little on Sunday, but wonderfully pleasant both days.

I made the run down to Seward Cove on Sunday, only a couple boats there, and I had a glass of wine on the hook, and enjoyed the quiet.  On the way down, a couple were rowing a skiff out with an as-yet-unfurled gaff-like rig.  We noticed one another's boats immediately, and exchanged compliments. The skiff was clearly nicely cared for...skookum.  The skipper hailed with 'that's an Atkin design, isn't it?'  It is such a pleasure to be caretaker of a boat as recognizably special as Ripple.  Each short passage deepens the patina of our connection.

And who ever imagined one could fall in love with a diesel engine, besides?