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Anchor rode

Spent a couple hours on Ripple today securing the heater tank, and tending to various small tasks including:
Finishing the splicing of the aft-deck anchor rode on a thimble, shackled to the the anchor chain.  The nylon line had previously been sliced directly to the chain.
Renewing bungie cords on the boat cover.Renewing the leather retaining straps that keep the bronze belaying pins in the combing oarlocks.  These pins are wonderful as combing cleats, and I am going to look into a set of oarlocks and sweeps so as to be able to row Ripple in the even of a near-dock engine failure.

Lake Union Tour


Randy, Mathias and I took Ripple for a tour around Lake Union.
The Engine started easily, in spite of the cold (about 40 F).  90 minutes.

No wind, light overcast, a pleasant day to visit houseboats and ogle boats.  Got back just about the time Mom and Marguerite arrived at the dock, and greased the landing.

Put the cover on, put her to bed, and went to lunch at Ivar's Salmon House before taking Mathias to the airport for his trip back to San Diego.

Nice trip.