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Choosing a Chart Plotter

Digital photography aficionados are probably familiar with review sites (DPReview is a notable example) that elaborate the myriad technical and physical specifications of even the most humble digital cameras.  When I started looking for a chart plotter, I expected to find something similar -- the market is far smaller than for digital cameras, but it is still substantial. No such luck.  It is difficult to find useful reviews on the Internet, and I'm starting to understand why (though I still think this is an unfilled niche that someone could profitably exploit).

Choosing a chart plotter involves many interlinked factors: Physical installation constraints - location, wiring, bulkhead pass-throughs.... GPS satellite systems and capabilities (see the Wikipedia article for summaries)Proprietary mapping suites (one of the most important factors with substantial cost implications).  The lack of good information on the variety of choices, even within a single provider, is frustrating and…