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Maintenance and renewal

The dreadful weather notwithstanding, I sailed a lot this summer, and have the tan to prove it.  I've also had a number of maintenance challenges, all of which have worked out well:
Replacement of the throttle cable - a day and a half job that should have been 2 hours.  Lesson: take pictures before you take anything apart.Rebuilding blocks - the backstay blocks were in pretty bad shape.  They get knocked around on the deck a lot, and the varnish was way overdue for renewal.  I took them entirely apart, sheaves included, and refinished them and replaced the leathers.  The strops are wire-rope and in good shape, except that they needed to be slushed.The recipe for slush in Brion Toss's Rigger's Apprentice: 6 parts stockholm tar3 parts boiled linseed oil1 part spar varnish1 part japan drier (I used two parts, because the first batch didn't dry completely... I think the stuff I got was oldish)I did lifelines and shrouds as far as I could reach as well with the slush.After t…

Daylight through the house top


Exorcising house top dry rot: step 1


Tiller, stripped, bracket ready to prime and paint