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re-installing the Force-10 kerosine heater


Ripple came with an alcohol wick 'stove' installed that could take the chill off the interior... sort of, though I can't exactly feature boiling water on it, let alone cooking anything on it.  A Force-10 kerosene boat heater had once been installed, and the parts were all in a box (the stove, fuel line, tank, stack, and stack-hat, as well as some braces for securing the tank below the galley cabinetry).

Randy and I puzzled through the earlier installation evidence (palimpsestuous screw-holes, tank-shaped-recess cut into the ceiling slats, configuration of bent-copper fuel lines), and decided on an appropriate re-installation approach.  Some details remain to be worked out  (securing the tank), but we think we have a sound approach, and the stove itself and stainless steel tank went in with some fiddling.  The previous owner, bless him, had assured that all parts were taped in place so the copper spacers and bronze bolts and nuts were all present.

Ripple is nearly…