Six down, two to go

 Plank 6 went up today. At this point, it is pretty routine.  I've sorted the spiling process, my planks are hitting their station lines, and cutting out the planks is a snap.  Cutting them by hand with the dozuki razor saw is far more accurate than guiding a jig saw, and results in an edge that requires little or no cleanup.

The spiling process works much better now that I have the sequence (bevel first) squared away.  Though, the shape of this last plank surprised me, and even caused me to put the pattern back on the molds to confirm that I'd done it right.

Cutting the gains is (finally) routine and done with confidence. 

The glue-up process (straight epoxy for wetting out the surfaces, followed by thickened epoxy for gap-filling adhesion) is straightforward, if a bit messy.

Laying out the clamps ahead of time, with everything needed close at hand, makes the glue-up uneventful.

At December temperatures, there is no urgency concerning 'pot time', so there is plenty of opportunity to adjust plank positions and get everything positioned just-right.
Five hours, including clean-up


  1. Stuart, what kind of dozuki saw (maker) are you using?


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