Thwarts and ledgers

This week's temperatures have made it difficult to spend much time in the shop.  Well, that and the Seahawks parade, for which I took the day off.  Yesterday I glued in the thwart ledgers, which took two hours or so of fiddling, measuring, remeasuring, gluing, clamping, and double-checking. 

The glue-ups worked out well enough... one had slid slightly out of alignment, but I had left them square, to plane subsequently, reasoning that this would afford good opportunity to make any fine adjustments that might be necessary.  It did.

I resolved to cut, fit, and sand the thwarts so as to be able to bring them home to varnish while I continue to work on the interior.  Le Tonkinois, the varnish I use and love, has such low solvent content that you can varnish in the house without much in the way of noxious odors.  This I will do with a number of parts.  The workship is no fit place to varnishing.

I got the thwarts done, including rounding over the edges, and figured I might as well do the stanchions for the sternsheets and the forward thwart now.  Its a bit tricky, as you're dealing with odd angles both where they meet the keelson and the underside of the thwarts.  The midships thwart bears on the aft member of the daggerboard case, and hence requires no separate stanchion.

The stanchions are let into the keelson and the underside of the thwart, which gave me occasion to try out the router place I acquired for the oarlock caps.  It works like a dream, making quick work of the bearing pockets, leaving a flat inside bearing surface.

A successful and productive day -- everything worked out well.  On to the daggerboard case, which I have only roughed out, and which requires some additional thought, as I want to make it structurally integral with the floor beam at station 3.  This will require moving the floor beam aft an inch or so, but that shouldn't present any problem.

About 5 hours in very cold temperatures.


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