Lamination Lamentations

I had suppressed how messy an epoxy lamination glue-up is.  I had all the tools and materials laid out, waxed the template, rehearsed it all in my head, and guestimated the amount of epoxy i would need.  I mixed the resin and hardener (150 ml total), stirred thoroughly, and started slathering.  Each facing pair of the 8 is slathered and mated, then the 4 are made into two, then those faces slathered and joined until there is a single slithery 8 ply that is clamped to the jig, evened up, and adjusted.  Very messy. I had clamps to spare, but not epoxy!  I used all of it.  About 2 hours.


  1. Looks familiar! Do you still have those clamps you made?


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