An (in)wale of a job

The boot stripe is done ... on to the interior

I've settled on a layout for the inwales.  They will be open, that is, with two continuous rails sandwiching blocks alternating with spaces.  Oarlock pads are 4 inches of inwale length each, and the quarter knees and the breast hook are 7 inches each.  I built a simple spreadsheet to allow me to find the appropriate component lengths by trial and error.  I'll use this table to cut and layout pieces (possibly slightly modified according to circumstance).

Inwhale layoutBlock length
space length

open inwhale components

Quarter knees717
n blocks1.523
n+1 spaces3.75311.25
Oarlock Pad414
n blocks1.534.5
n+1 spaces3.75415
Oarlock Pad414
n blocks 1.569
n+1 spaces3.75726.25
breast hook717

calculated inwale length

measured inwale length



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